My husband was having half a packet of heartburn/ indigestion tablets each night before bed. Born with a hiatus hernia – where part of the stomach comes up into the oesophagus – he has had terrible acid reflux and heartburn his entire life.

I myself have suffered from some indigestion at times when I have indulged or I should say, overindulged on the wrong kind of food. It was nothing compared to the stabbing and burning pain that my husband was experiencing every day. Not to mention, food would get ‘stuck’ in his throat as he tried to swallow any food that was remotely ‘dry’.

Turning to Medical Science for Help

Heartburn Medicine

After exhausting every natural heartburn remedy he could find as well as cutting out a lot of his favourite foods from his diet, he was finally put on medication for his heartburn. One tablet per day kept it at bay, for a while… After a short time taking these tablets, he started getting vertigo. Bouts of dizziness would hit him at random times and he would feel so nauseous, he would almost vomit. He also decided to delve deeper into what exactly he was taking and found some alarming information. This particular heartburn medication had been found to cause cancer!

Not long after this he also experienced a further known complication from a hiatus hernia; gastritis. This comes on suddenly as an ‘attack; and is where the lining of the stomach swells up and causes great pain. The first time I had to take him to the emergency room, he passed out from the pain while in the waiting room.

The Natural Heartburn Remedy that Finally Worked

Thankfully, just when things seemed to be getting worse and worse, we found Youngevity supplements. Taking the Healthy Body Digestion Pak 2.0, my husband found that his body began to heal. Specifically the Osteo fx powder and Flora fx tablets, were the natural heartburn remedy he had been searching for.

He can now happily indulge in his favourite foods; tomato sauce, fried food, chocolate, without the fear that he will be in agony later. A bit of a gym junkie, he can go to the gym and pump out a heavy weight session without worrying about whether he will be in pain half-way through. He plays rough and tumble, lying on the ground, with our 2 year old boy in the backyard pain and worry free. Every time his head hits the pillow at night, he can sink comfortably into his bed pain free and sleep well knowing that his body is getting the nutrients it needs to perform optimally.

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Dr Wallach the creator of Youngevity states that most chronic health problems come from nutritional deficiencies. He advocates that giving the human body an adequate supply of the 90 essential nutrients found in the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0, will allow it to heal itself. My husband’s story is just one of many of the people I know who have had amazing results taking these supplements for many different chronic and acute health problems. I hope that they can help you too.

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